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windows, membuat installer XP detect SATA drive

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This method apply for most compaq model that didn’t support Windows XP.
To install windows XP in unsupported model (HP and Compaq Mostly, you need to intergrate sata driver with windows XP installation disk means you will create a new XP CD.
I suggest you read the entire post and repeat the reading during installation so you can get the picture of the whole installation process.

Material needed:

1.Nlite Software: Download Here

2. Windows XP CD

3.Empty CDR

AHCI for InteL base laptop:
ICH8/ICH9 sata driver(intel),  DOWNLOAD

AHCI for AMD base Laptop:
ata driver(amd), Download

For Cq41 AMD base model if AMD sata AhCI above didnt work use this one:
This sata upload by kiwielz which tested on his CQ41-110AU

SATA AHCI10 for intel base model:

(for compaq CQ model end with AU, example:cq40-405Au)
The driver is located in iaAHCI.inf and is called ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller
or if you wish an AMD SATA driver from HP site, here
Extract sp40046 to a folder and use files in RAID7xx folder


1. create a new folder and name it as “WINXP” or any name you like, copy all the content in your xp installation disk (explore cd and press ctrl+A) and paste it in the new folder you just created.

2.Etraxt the sata driver you downloaded.
For Intel follow this guide to extract it.
for amd extarct sp40046 to a folder and use files in RAID7xx folder

3. Intsall Nlite and run it. On the first screen just click next.

4. Now locate/browse to the folder “WINXP” you created.

5.Next and you will come to “Presets”, ignore this and click “Next”.

6. In “Task Selection”, choose “Drivers” and “Bootable ISO” by high-lighting them.

7. For intel select single driver
For amd select multiple driver

8. For intel Browse to the SATA driver folder which you extracted earlier(I named it “Floppy32Bit”) and select either one of the .INF file, i suggest “iaahci.inf”.

-for amd browse to raid 7xx, slect x86 and select the inf files.

9) A screen like below will pop-up, make sure it’s “Textmode driver” and select all of them by holding CTRL+A key and choose “OK”, the pictures below for intel installation.

If you arrive at this step for installation its similar for both amd and intel.

10) You shall see something like this. Choose “Next” and you will be prompted.

11) Choose “Yes” to start the process.

12) Let it finish and choose “Next”.

13) Finally, you can create your project as ISO image or burn it directly to CD-R under “Mode”. choose “Direct Burn”. You can put anything for “Label” but not too long. Choose “Burn” and you will be prompted again. You can also choose to create iso to burn using software such as nero.

14) Choose “Yes” to burn it to CD-R. Wait for it to finish and choose “Next”

15) Choose “Finish” to exit nLite.
Additional notes.
-If your slipstreaming process unsuccessful, you can repeat the process but create a new folder and DO NOT USE THE SAME FOLDER.

rianto utomo bole nyontek dari http://laptop-driver.blogspot.com/2009/10/slipstreaming-guide-to-install-windows.html



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September 21, 2011 pada 11:03 am

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