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linux, qemu membuat windows xp dalam linux

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First of all you need to install qemu, by running as root:

apt-get install qemu

Once this is done we’re ready to start the installation process.

As qemu is a virtualization program it doesnt touch your real discs, instead you give it a big file and tell the system to use that for it’s C:.

As a simple start we’ll set aside a blank 2Gb file for Windows to install into, we can create that easily enough:

skx@undecided:~$ dd of=hd.img bs=1024 seek=2000000 count=0
0+0 records in
0+0 records out
0 bytes transferred in 0.000493 seconds (0 bytes/sec)

That’s given us a file called hd.img which is 2000000 bytes long, close enough to 2Gb for us to proceed.

The next thing we need to do is have a Windows 2000 CD-ROM handy, we have two choices here either place it in your CD-ROM drive, or use an ISO image.

We’ll go with the former.

We want to tell the system that it’s first hard drive should be the big empty file we have just created, that the CD-ROM drive should be read from the drive we have – and that it should boot from CD-ROM.

skx@undecided:~$ qemu -boot d -cdrom /dev/cdrom  -hda hd.img
QEMU 0.6.0 monitor - type 'help' for more information

The ‘-boot d‘ flag tells the system to boot from the CD-ROM drive we’ve specified, the ‘-hda hd.img‘ tells the system that the first hard drive should be the contents of the file hd.img which we created previously.

This should bring up a window upon your desktop within which you’ll see Windows boot. You can click in the window to give it focus, and when you wish to return the mouse to your desktop press “Ctrl + Shift“. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + f will toggle you between fullscreen and windowed mode.

Now you can sit back and install Windows as you normally would. Some parts will be very slow, other parts such as formatting the drive will be lightening fast!

rianto utomo bole nyontek dari

qemu -hda /mnt/c/myXP/xp.cow -boot c -m 384 -localtime -k de -usb -cdrom /mnt/c/myXP/cd.cow -smb /mnt/c/1 -net nic,model=virtio -net user

qemu -hda /mnt/c/myXP/xp.cow -boot c -m 384 -localtime -k de -usb -cdrom /mnt/c/myXP/cd.cow -smb /mnt/c/1

qemu -hda /mnt/c/myXP/xp.cow -boot c -m 384 -localtime -k de -usb -cdrom /mnt/c/myXP/cd.cow

qemu -hda /mnt/c/myXP/xp.cow -boot c -m 384 -localtime -k de -usb


Written by isaaconi

Maret 8, 2012 pada 2:48 pm

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